Top 5 tips for cool night comfort

Overheating during the night really reduces our sleep quality. Beat the heat with these 5 tips for staying cool even during the hottest nights.

  1. Keep your drapes closed during the day and your window open during the night.
  2. If your room still is too hot you can wet a sheet and hang it in the window, the water will evaporate during the night creating a cooler sleeping environment.
  3. Keep a glass of ice water and a wet face cloth next to the bed for some cold refreshments.
  4. Let your pet rest elsewhere, though it can be cuddly more isn’t merrier when it comes to keeping a cool sleeping environment.
  5. Use breathable, smart sleepwear that keeps you cool and comfortable even when your temperature rises. Team that with a light breathable duvet and bed linen for the best night’s sleep possible.